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Spiral curved staircase


To create that finishing touch to your staircase, call Farrell Joinery Ltd. We're based outside Ballygawley, County Tyrone.





Your balustrades need to be safe and stunning

Balustrades are the icing on the cake when it comes to staircases – but they need to be expertly fitted to ensure they are as safe as they are beautiful.

Metal work
Spiral background
Traditional Staircase

Traditional/classic balustrades

A timeless, nostalgic feel can be created with a beautiful, handcrafted balustrade made from wood with wooden handrails. The wood will be extremely tough and hard-wearing and will withstand just about anything life can throw at it. The polished, smooth handrail can be crafted from a variety of woods to provide a beautiful, grained look that is smooth to touch and a pleasure to use.

Contemporary/modern balustrades

Glass is proving an increasingly popular material for balustrades. Modern technological advances in creating toughened and laminated glass has meant that glass is as safe and practical as it is beautiful. It is unsurpassed in allowing light to pass through, creating a light-filled, airy space. Combined with stainless steel or wood, it can provide the ultimate contemporary, modern decor.

Glass balustrade
looking down a staircase

From inspiration to installation

Whether you want a traditional or contemporary style, this can be achieved using wood, metal or glass – or a combination of all three. We can support your full journey from inspiration to installation. From the moment you contact us, to the day when you can stand back in admiration of your new staircase, we will support the entire process.

Would you like a free quote to install your new staircase?

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